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You are a ghost hunter. Your goal is to investigate entities, accurately determine which type of entity it is, then destroy it. The entities that haunt these locations are generally very aggressive. Do not try to hide. Fight them with your equipment, instead.

Here are the basic steps to complete your mission:

1) Choose your mission carefully. Different difficulty levels may appear on the mission board. The higher the difficulty, the more often the entity will manifest and attack.

/! Before starting the mission, remember to buy enough equipment (in the Ghost Market app) so that you don't run out tools during a hunt.

2) Once the mission has started, head to the back of the vehicle and check the white-board for your side-objectives. The nearby on-board computer will provide you with the equipment that you have previously purchased from the Ghost Market.

3) Place or use tools/equipment that will help you determine the various pieces of evidence within the haunting site.

4) Once a piece of evidence is found, open your tablet, open the Ghostpedia app and enter the evidence in the appropriate section. You will also need to figure out what type of entity is causing the paranormal activity by observing its appearance, interactions, movements, and general behavior.

(A description of each entity type can be found in the Ghostpedia).

5) Once the type of entity has been identified, select it within the Category section in the Ghostpedia app.

6) You must now exorcise the entity!
To do this, the Ghostpedia app will calculate the evidence you've provided and give you the appropriate exorcism protocol to follow. Open the protocol by clicking the green button at the bottom of the Ghostpedia app. You will have to complete all of the exorcism steps to fully banish the evil entity from the world.

7) Once the spirit has been exorcised, and the side-objectives completed (or not), all you have to do is return to the base!

Some beginners tips:
- If you flee the mission without exorcising the entity, the equipment you deployed or placed outside of the vehicle will be left behind. (so if you must flee, be sure to bring as much of your equipment back to the vehicle as you can, first!)
- In multiplayer, bringing your teammate's unconscious body back to the vehicle will allow them to recover some of the money and experience from the mission.
- The ghost will react to simple requests and names that are often used to refer to it. To interact with them, you will have to use expressions like:
“Name (Ghost/Spirit/...) + Action (Write/Light/Speak/Say/...)”


I come in peace
Hi, I'm a friend
Can you open a door
Spirit, turn on the lighter
Spirit, show yourself
I've come to exorcise you
Can you come here
Spirit, give us a sign
Can you move an object
Do you want to talk to us
Can you hear me
Can you write in the book


Cursed object
Invisible cursed object
Ghostly writing
Summoning pentacle
Haunting origin
Fainted hunter
Wall writing/drawing



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A conventional flashlight with limited vision and medium range.
It can be used as a secondary item.
High-Power Flashlight
A powerful flashlight with a wide beam and high range.
Tripod Spotlight
A stationary floodlight, it can illuminate a large area with medium range.
A compact device that can detect the presence of nearby paranormal occult energies (OCC) as well as the surrounding temperature. It is very practical for investigating interesting sections of large buildings. It detects Pentagrams, Cursed Objects, Wall Writing, and Orbs.

This equipment must be activated to work.

Allows you to remotely measure the temperature at a specific point.

If a temperature reading is performed directly on the spirit, the message "ER.0" will display.

This equipment must be activated to work.

Allows you to detect electromagnetic waves generated by the spirits nearby.
The power and the stability differ depending on the type of spirit.

This equipment must be activated to work.

Entity Analyzer
Allows you to analyze a nearby entity.
Some entities cannot be analyzed.

This equipment must be activated to work.

Occult Meter
This device allows you to detect the presence of nearby cursed objects generating occult and paranormal energies (OCC).

Cursed objects which return with you after a mission can be sold as evidence for extra cash reward.

Photo Camera
This device is equipped with a night vision system.
It allows one to view cursed objects that are invisible to the naked eye, as well as capture photos to be sold as evidence after a mission.
Writing Book
This book comes with a pencil that the entity may interact with. It is strongly recommended to vocally ask them to use it.
Depending on to the attributes of the spirit, they may write or draw.
The entity uses the energy of the Hunter to write in the book, so it is recommended to keep the book in hand for the entity to use.
This device allows you to intercept EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena). This will help you to identify the type of entity present.

The spirit world will be able to more easily perceive you and your interaction opportunities will be more frequent, while the Spirit-Box is being used.

Coarse Salt Crystals
Some entities fear this mineral. These crystals can be employed in several different ways:

- By throwing them to exorcise the entity.
- As a protection barrier on the ground.
- As ammunition for the salt shotgun.

Standard Camera
Cameras facilitate visual coverage of haunted places. Thanks to the night vision function, you will be able to spot and identify any entities that pass nearby.
It is able to detect objects or elements invisible to the naked eye.
High-Def Camera
Cameras facilitate visual coverage of haunted places. Thanks to the night vision function, you will be able to spot and identify any entities that pass nearby.
It is able to detect objects or elements invisible to the naked eye.
Equipped with a motorized tripod, this model can be remotely controlled.
Instant Camera
The powerful and limited flash of this modified camera will exorcise certain entities that hate light. Also, invisible objects or elements flashed at close range will be exposed.
This energizing gun with advanced technology emits a neutrino beam able to hurt or exorcise the spirit according to the entity's attributes.

It can also destroy the curse within an object when required for an exorcism.

Equipped with a neutrino-generator, it recharges automatically.

Holy Water
Blessed in an monastery by monks, this vial of holy water must be thrown on the entity when it is visible to exorcise them. It may also be used to cleanse a Summoning Pentagram after it has been made visible by the Instant Camera.
This instrument can protect you from hostile entities within its range. This effect is stronger against demons. Can be hand-held or thrown on the ground.
Salt Shotgun
This modified gun can shoot Salt Crystals at the entity, at any range. To reload, Coarse Salt Crystals are needed in your inventory.
Aggression Indicator
Analyzes the local energies to detect entity assaults.
When an entity is nearby, it will light up yellow. If the entity is attacking, it will light up red.
Incense Stick
The smoke from the incense stick will repel the entity if it is close enough to the stick.
Also utilized to cleanse haunted rooms.
Tiger Eye Stone
The paranormal aura radiating off of this stone will exorcise certain entities that fear it. The object can be thrown on the ground close to an area the entity frequents.
Exorcism Book
Allows you to exorcise certain kinds of entities by reciting its holy verses. The text must be read aloud, and within the haunted location.
Mary Statue
Beautiful, sparkling and imbued with a mystical holy power, this statue will ward off certain types of entities, such as Revenants, Dolls, or even Children, acting as a protective shield.

However, the power of this heavy statuette will only have an effect if it is placed on the ground.